3 Coronavirus CV19: Update.

Coronavirus CV19: Update

Business Continuity

Block Management UK Ltd wish to assure everyone that we have appropriate measures in place to ensure business continuity during the coronavirus outbreak, whilst at the same time protecting staff welfare. This includes but is not limited to home working and remote conference call meetings where required.

By following our already tried and tested business continuity plan, we do not anticipate any major disruption in our service to customers, and that it will on the whole be business as usual, meaning you should continue to contact us through the normal channels

Staying Safe

The coronavirus is a government matter, and also a matter of personal responsibility for the individual to monitor government advice and maintain appropriate caution and hygiene. However Block Management UK Ltd feel that it is important to consider this impact on our colleagues, and customers living in properties with enclosed communal areas. Therefore, the below advice should be read (see web links), understood and practiced by all accordingly.

We kindly ask that all leaseholders pass this communication onto all tenants and agents accordingly.

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(19 March 2020 )