Senior Property Manager Josh celebrates eight year anniversary

Our Senior Property Manager and team leader Josh Edgar celebrates eight years at Block Management UK. He reflects on his time at the company and his rise to become senior property manager

When I joined Block Management UK we were operating from a converted barn in Boxford. My first task was to sit by a shredding machine for a week, surrounded by clouds of paper dust.

From these humble beginnings I moved through the admin team and into sales. This gave me plenty of experience in talking with our customers and potential customers who were interested in our services. Helping them with their issues and concerns of leaseholders and landlords, contractors and tenants gave me insights into the complexities of property management.

Block Management has always been keen to promote internally, training junior members of staff and supporting their rise into more responsible roles. I moved into property..

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(30 July 2019 )

Senior Property Manager Troy celebrates three years at Block Management UK Ltd

This week we are celebrating a three-year anniversary of Senior Property Manager Troy Richards.

As a Senior Property Manager, Troy's responsibilities involve interacting with clients and contractors in all aspects of property management.

Troy began his career doing hands-on construction work for a building contractor. The experience gave him an understanding of how good buildings function. This knowledge gave him a unique advantage when he moved to the next stage of his career as an estate agent.

Coming to Block Management UK Ltd, Troy now handles all the complexities of managing properties including repairs, maintenance, arranging legislative works and planned works in and around his wide portfolio of buildings. These can range from very straightforward jobs to highly complex issues.

Troy enjoys the daily challe..
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(09 May 2019 )

Should We Call Time on AGMs for Residents’ Management Companies?

Managing Director David Collinson reports on a suprising result at an AGM we held for one of our large resident’s management companies.

Recently, we organised an AGM at a large block in London. We had good reason to believe the meeting would be a lively and busy one. Over the last year there had been several big issues regarding the replacement of external cladding and fire safety at the property. As managing agents, we had spent a lot of time managing numerous inspections and meetings from the fire service, local government and fire safety consultants.

Understandably, we were fielding questions by residents over the course of many months, concerned at possible rising building costs associated with these new fire safety measures being suggested. We tried to keep all stakeholders informed as we went alo..
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(07 May 2019 )

Managing Gated Communities

An Independent news article from 2009 suggested that there were around 1,000 gated communities in the UK.

Gated communities in the UK have attracted some negative press coverage in the past. And they have been portrayed as being too exclusive or not integrating with the local community.

This doesn’t quite seem fair considering that apartment blocks with intercom systems and passcode-locked front doors work in pretty much the same way but aren’t perceived with anywhere like the negativity associated with gated communities.

Interestingly, another reason cited for their divisive nature was that property prices were very different inside the gates than outside. However, you don’t need a gate in many areas of the country – London springs to mind immediately – for property prices to change radically just by turning a corner. 

Our experience of gated communities, a..
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(26 April 2019 )

Leasehold Management Has Become More Exhaustive Over the Last 10 Years

Managing Director of Block Management UK Ltd, David Collinson, describes how we've changed our provision of block management to clients over the years.

When I founded Block Management UK Ltd in 2014 the landscape of our client base was different to what it is today.

At the time, an apartment block that we were signed on to manage might typically consist of 75% owned by investors/landlords. The remainder would be leaseholders. With a high proportion of our clients being landlords (often absent), there could be a sense of 'them and us’ with residents of the property. It was a barrier to good working relationships and we would try to break that barrier down with leaseholder meetings and printed community newsletters.

Nowadays, it is more likely that the split is in favour of 60% owner-occupiers. Flats h..
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(12 April 2019 )

BMUK in the press

Ipswich Star has interviewed Operations Director Simon Matthews on the progress in replacing St Francis Tower’s cladding in the heart of Ipswich, Suffolk.

Simon is quoted explaining:  “The plan is to wrap the building using a 'Rockwool render’ system, it’s one of the only products on the market which is fire retardant and thermally efficient,”

Often sourced from volcanic islands such as the Canaries, this kind of Rockwool insulation is made from volcanic material spun in drums – a bit like candyfloss, Mr Matthews said. It creates the same process that occurs at the heart of a volcano, and can tolerate extremely high temperatures – up to 1000C – and does not burn. The Rockwool is then wrapped in a 'render’, which is the material which can be seen from the outside.

Each element of the cladding system will be made from fire proof materials, which have passed safety tests including..
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(10 April 2019 )

HANDOVER NEWS: Wentworth House


The newest Ipswich property to come under our management is Wentworth House on the B1075, Burrell Road. Still under completion (as of Mar 2019), this property consists of 14 flats and sits across the road from Ipswich train station.

The building has a green roof and is a converted schoolhouse.
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(20 March 2019 )

HANDOVER NEWS: Block Management UK Ltd takes on 186-property Surrey estate

We’re very pleased to announce our management of a new estate in Surrey; Carshalton Beeches. The estate, located in the London Borough of Sutton, is a mix of 186 properties comprising houses, flats and a single retail unit.
Block Management UK Ltd were approached by the residents’ management company who were not satisfied with the service they were receiving from their current managing agent and were looking for an alternative to replace them swiftly.
The RMC Directors sent out a request for proposals from a number of other managing agents.
All our RMC enquiries receive a tender pack from us. This pack includes specially written pdf documents detailing our services, together with several appendices that clearly show sample budgets and statements from similar properties plus relevant case studies and testimonials. Finally, we provide a separate, detailed proposed fee structure.
Our proposal was returned to the Directors of Carshalt..
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(13 March 2019 )

Marketing Manager Jason celebrates one year anniversary

Jason Doggett, Marketing Manager of Block Management UK Ltd, celebrates his one year anniversary at the property management company.

He joined the company after previously working in the FE education sector at Suffolk New College. Jason’s main responsibilities include lead generation, tender bid production, content creation, digital marketing management and brand management.

His work experience includes a variety of industries including the property, publishing, education, arts, leisure and charity sectors.  He has worked for national institutions such as the British Medical Journal, British Library and British Film Institute.

Jason says “It’s been very exciting to be part of a new phase in Block Management UK’s focus. With closer working ties to the housebuilding industry on the horizon there is a change in the messages and communications needed from the marketing department.”

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(12 March 2019 )

Helping the homeless in Ipswich and Suffolk

Block Management UK Ltd is well known for managing a wide range of properties across Ipswich and Suffolk.

And whilst our day to day business involves dealing with property owners, residents and the managing of homes, BM’s Managing Director, David Collinson has also been donating his time towards helping those who don’t have access to a home: the homeless.

David is a volunteer on the board of Emmaus (pronounced 'ee-may-us) – a charity that helps the homeless through the creation of communities that offer companionship and support.

David has used Block Management UK Ltd’s resources to fit out the charity’s recent popup shop in the Sailmakers Shopping Centre in central Ipswich in 2017 (pictured).

Emmaus communities offer a home for as long as someone needs it. Emmaus companions get a room of their own, food, clothing and a small weekly allowance. In return, co..
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(07 March 2019 )
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