Block Management UK reaches 2019 growth goal ahead of schedule

We’re happy to announce that Block Management UK Ltd’s business growth goal for this year - in terms of number of units being managed – was achieved by the end of September.

This goal was set at the end of 2018 when the company came together and planned on topping 4,000 units nationwide by December 2019. We’re now pushing on to a new interim goal to take us to the end of the year.

This growth, despite the uncertain times, has focussed on our home patch of East Anglia, the location of our head office. However, we have also seen business grow right across the UK and in particular, London, the South West, Yorkshire and Lancashire.

To manage this number of properties in various locations requires us to build a stronger network of property managers, local contractors a..
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(11 October 2019 )

What does ‘Trusted. Dynamic. Unique.’ mean?

Block Management UK has used the strapline 'Trusted. Dynamic. Unique.’ since 2014.

The idea came about when we were redesigning our website and thought more about our company name. 'Block management’ is of course our name but also what we do. To help differentiate ourselves we wanted to convey more about specific approach to property management.
As a company we came together to discuss our options. Through this process, we decided on 'trusted’, 'dynamic’ and 'unique’ as three words whose meanings were clear and relevant. They also reflected what we do and what we strive for as a service. We also felt that they were three elements that are sometimes lacking in our industry.


Being a trusted managing agent means maintaining long-term client relationships. We’ve always focussed on managing the relationship from start to finish; making sure our pre-contract relationship is based on trans..
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(02 October 2019 )

Block Management UK Ltd and The Big Climb

Last Friday, a team from Block Management UK Ltd took part in The Big Climb, the major fundraising event for 2019 for homeless charity Emmaus Suffolk.

The Big Climb involved a day of fun activities for thirty teams of 5, competing against one another in a series of fundraising, problem-solving and indoor climbing (“bouldering”) challenges to become the 'Top of the Mountain'. 

Our team was made up of property managers and administrators from our Property Management department including our Operations Director. They had a great time at this event which is all about wellbeing , team spirit and mental agility. The location was AVID Indoor Climbing in Ipswich who put on a fantastic event.

Emmaus Suffolk is the local charity that provides mental health and practical support to some of the region’s most vulnerable and socially isolated people. Emmaus offers companions a supportive team an..
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(30 September 2019 )

Why use an accredited managing agent?

In order to give customers peace of mind, Block Management UK Ltd is a member of the regulatory bodies below.  

The Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA)

ARMA is the leading trade association for residential leasehold management companies. Block Management UK Ltd is an accredited member and as such abides by the ARMA Consumer Charter & Standards. Membership of ARMA is voluntary and demonstrates Block Management UK’s commitment to outstanding customer service.

The Standards cover the conduct of the agent with regards to all areas of block management. From financial matters such as service charge collection, end of year charge accounts and reserve funds to handovers, repairs and even staff employment.

ARMA’s Standards - along with our own internal processes and systems based on fifteen years of experience - represent best practise within the property management sector.  

As an ARMA Accredited managing agent, our customers c..
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(26 September 2019 )

An East Anglian company doing very well in Devon

Recently, Block Management UK Ltd was appointed as managing agent for another large residential apartment block in central Plymouth.

The property contains 122 units and is the third such block to come under our stewardship. The news highlights our success in the South Devon area with other properties we manage located in Kingsbridge and Paignton.

Block Management UK is poised to offer a new level of block and estate management to an even larger part of the South West region.  

Managing Director David Collinson, says:

“Our success in Plymouth shows that we’re keen to expand our reputation in Devon. We believe that leaseholders and freeholders across South Devon should have access to a high-quality managing agent that can supply 24/7 emergency service, inhouse accounting services and a network of trusted local contractors.” 
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(23 September 2019 )

Balancing regional coverage with one to one service

Block Management UK Ltd manages properties across the country and does so from a base of offices.

A common question leaseholders ask us is how are we able to manage their property as well as, say, a managing agent with an office around the corner from them. After all, BMUK can’t be everywhere can we?

We completely understand their line of thought. It’s a comforting idea to be able to pop into their agent’s office when they have a problem. However, just because a property manager is nearby does not necessarily mean they are at their desk or available to you outside of office hours or weekends or holidays. Our own property managers spend more time on sites, meeting with leaseholders, freeholders and other stakeholders. It’s the nature of modern property management. And emergencies rarely seem to happen 9 to 5 anyway.

However, in order to respond to this call, Block Management UK Ltd h..
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(11 September 2019 )

Online quotes from a property professional

Block Management UK Ltd has for many years offered an online quote for our property management services.

However, our quotes aren’t automated. Our experience tells us that customers prefer to receive a more accurate quote that takes into account their particular property. So we make sure a property professional assesses your property’s details before we send you a quote. 

Our online quote form is just three pages long and we’ll give you a quick call if we need further information from you. We’ll then put together a clear package including our fees, our full range of services plus relevant case studies and testimonials that may interest you.

Although a member of staff will put together an individualised quote, you won’t have to wait long for it. Typically, 95% of quotes are emailed within 1-2 working days of having received the information we need.

Our tender quote is a single document pdf that is emailed to you. For environmen..
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(02 September 2019 )

Senior property manager Joshua celebrates eight year anniversary

Our Senior Property Manager and team leader Joshua Edgar celebrates eight years at Block Management UK. He reflects on his time at the company and his rise to become senior property manager

When I joined Block Management UK we were operating from a converted barn in Boxford. My first task was to sit by a shredding machine for a week, surrounded by clouds of paper dust.

From these humble beginnings I moved through the admin team and into sales. This gave me plenty of experience in talking with our customers and potential customers who were interested in our services. Helping them with their issues and concerns of leaseholders and landlords, contractors and tenants gave me insights into the complexities of property management.

Block Management has always been keen to promote internally, training junior members of staff and supporting their rise into more responsible roles. I moved into proper..

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(30 July 2019 )

Senior property manager Troy celebrates three years at Block Management UK Ltd

This week we are celebrating a three-year anniversary of senior property manager Troy Richards.

As a senior property manager, Troy's responsibilities involve interacting with clients and contractors in all aspects of property management.

Troy began his career doing hands-on construction work for a building contractor. The experience gave him an understanding of how good buildings function. This knowledge gave him a unique advantage when he moved to the next stage of his career as an estate agent.

Coming to Block Management UK Ltd, Troy now handles all the complexities of managing properties including repairs, maintenance, arranging legislative works and planned works in and around his wide portfolio of buildings. These can range from very straightforward jobs to highly complex issues.

Troy enjoys the daily challe..
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(09 May 2019 )

Should We Call Time on AGMs for Residents’ Management Companies?

Managing Director David Collinson reports on a suprising result at an AGM we held for one of our large resident’s management companies.

Recently, we organised an AGM at a large block in London. We had good reason to believe the meeting would be a lively and busy one. Over the last year there had been several big issues regarding the replacement of external cladding and fire safety at the property. As managing agents, we had spent a lot of time managing numerous inspections and meetings from the fire service, local government and fire safety consultants.

Understandably, we were fielding questions by residents over the course of many months, concerned at possible rising building costs associated with these new fire safety measures being suggested. We tried to keep all stakeholders informed as we went alo..
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(07 May 2019 )
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