Business Intergration

Block Management UK Ltd Business Integration Team understand the existing systems and processes and how to onboard and intergrate our new clients.

They will identify any potential challenges and areas where integration is required.

Intergration Process:

The Business Intergration Team will begin by gathering all information directly from the client and or the existing managing agents.

Request client information, contracts, property details, and any relevant documents from the previous agents and or property managers.

Setting Up Property:

Collect accurate property details, including address, property type, number of units, amenities, and any special features.

Accurately input this information into our property management systems.

Assign appropriate property manager, teams and accounts team to oversee the management of each property based on their needs.

Sending Welcome Packs:

Create a welcome pack or information package for new clients. This could include a welcome letter, contact information, property guidelines, maintenance procedures, and any relevant documents.

Send the welcome pack digitally or physically to the new clients.

Sending Portal Invites for New Clients:

Activate online client portal where new clients can access their property information, documents, and communicate with their team.

Send portal invites to new clients along with clear instructions on how to log in and navigate their client portal.

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