Right to Manage

Right to Manage

Block Management UK Ltd has helped many clients through the right to manage (RTM) process, making it as smooth and speedy an experience as possible.

If you plan to appoint Block Management UK Ltd as the managing agent for your new RTM company, then we can do a lot to help with the RTM process for you.

The first step is to identify all the improvements you would like to see with the management of your property. We will create a plan for the improvements RTM can enable you to make and prioritise what needs to be done first.

We advise that you discover if your fellow leaseholders expectations are aligned with yours and are realistic. If one leaseholder expects a wholesale refurbishment but another is only looking for lower service charges, then there needs to be a frank and thorough discussion which we can help facilitate. We’re experts at bringing different stakeholders together in the same room to find workable ways forward.

We’ll also guide you on how RTM works, RTM company formation, right to manage costs, writing a freeholder letter (and other RTM template letters), lease review and how to give notice to current managing agents or contractors. The right to manage legal process does not have to be a stressful one. And the outcome does not necessarily have to be complete self-management of your block; it can be no more than a transfer of responsibility and decision-making.

Surveys by flats insurance specialist Deacon, show that management comes down to very few people at the end of the day. So, it’s important that the right to manage process will add value to your individual leaseholder investment and not just create a lot of work for a few hardy volunteers.