Our Partners

Block Management UK Ltd offers the finest service thanks to our close working relationships and memberships with our partners. Working alongside these organisations, allows us to serve our clients, stay connected and continually improve our services.

Grosvenor Systems

Founded in 1980, Grosvenor Systems developed their all-in-one property management and accounting software, Propman, to help overcome the challenges, complexities and inefficiencies of property management. Block Management UK Ltd has used Propman extensively in the day-to-day running of our clients’ properties. Propman powers over 250 property-related businesses by providing a platform for growth, time-saving automation and flexible portfolio reporting.

Brady Solicitors

Block Management UK Ltd has worked with Brady Solicitors for several years on a case-by-case basis. Brady Solicitors is an award-winning, specialist property management law firm with offices in Nottingham and London. From the speedy recovery of service charge arrears through to lease extensions, right to manage and the resolution of business-critical property disputes, Brady Solicitors offers a seamless and skilled legal service to the property management industry.

The Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM)

Since 2002, the IRPM has offered a portable professional qualification in residential property management. Its key objectives are to raise standards across the property management sector and provide individuals with an independent professional accreditation. Members of our property team at Block Management UK either hold a qualification with the IRPM or are studying for one.

Abaco Insurance Brokers

Block Management UK Ltd is an appointed representative of Abaco Insurance Brokers and shares their position as an FCA-regulated party. We are involved in the advising and placing of insurance policy’s along with an active role in claims handling. Abaco have operated within the field of property insurance for many years and have links with many of the major insurers and niche provider. They can advise on freehold, residents’ associations and management companies; right to manage and blocks of flats; rental properties and commercial premises; reinstatement valuations and engineering & inspection cover; director’s and officer’s liabilities; and specialist cover against terrorism.


This British multinational telecommunications conglomerate powers our telecommunications network between our staff and customers. In the UK, Vodafone serves over 18 million mobile and fixed line customers and half a million broadband customers, employing 12,000 people.