Property Developers: Everyone loves the look of a glass atrium, until it comes time to clean it

(This article is part of a series written by our Business Development Manager Fiona DuCasse, exploring how service charge implications can be addressed at the design stage of a development)

There is no doubt that glazing – be it glazing panels, modular rooflights or structural glazing- in communal areas helps create attractive, healthy and restful public spaces. However, the developer needs to consider issues of access to these areas for maintenance and cleaning.

High level glazing may need roof and rope access, a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Working Platform) or scaffolding. If the glass includes climate control, shading options, or is a stick or electric opening system these all impact on a maintenance schedule and budget. 

If a smoke ventilation option is added (for instance one that is EN 12101-2 certified) this will need to be added to the inspection calendar. All of this really does affect the regularity of cleaning and maintenance due to high costs.

(24 January 2022 )