New Compliance and Planning Manager role to start early next year

Block Management UK Ltd will see a new role beginning next year in response to the ever-growing demand for health and safety requirements based on constantly changing legislation.

The role of Compliance and Planning Manager will be taken up by Tom Mortimer, a current member of the finance team. Tom's background in accountancy and attention to detail will be put to good use with this promotion which will enhance many areas including assisting in the planning of cyclical lease required works, insurance renewals, insurance valuations, legislative works and general maintenance.

In addition, the role will include general maintenance demands. There is a desire to better stay on top of important works to further protect clients and residents, ensuring that property managers and their colleagues have as much support as possible. 

A compliance manager ensures that a business complies with relevant legislation. Duties may include completing documentation and risk assessments, liaising with external bodies to be aware of changing industry requirements, and maintaining records of compliance practices.

This appointment confirms our commitment to investing in our staff and helping them to achieve more in their careers.

(18 November 2021 )