Housebuilders: The importance of having your sales staff and managing agent work together

(By our Business Development Manager, Fiona DuCasse)

With a new development comes the issue of how it should be handed over and managed for the benefit of yourself and your residents. With this in mind, I thought you might like to read a recent article I wrote on behalf of property developers who have enquired about our services.  

At some point in a new development, your on-site sales staff and your managing agent will be at the location at the same time, liaising with customers or potential customers. Perhaps the customers will know the difference between the two, perhaps they won’t. 
It’s for sure that both sales staff and the agent will field questions best suited for the other or refer to the other. A united front and a cohesive approach to dealing with residents would help during this transitional period in the life of your development.
We suggest:
Open communication – make sure both teams have mobile and email communication and can pass these on to customers
Liaise – meet each other and review what’s going on on-location. Sales events, scheduled inspections, etc.
Stay informed
 – make sure both teams refer to and have available each other’s collateral and printed material to help answer customer enquiries. It is not ideal to have sales staff promising a service that doesn’t exist or the managing agent handling an enquiry about snagging issues.
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(19 October 2021 )