3 Managing large blocks.

Managing large blocks

Block Management UK Ltd are specialists in hands-on block management for purpose-built apartment blocks and building conversions.

High rise blocks (six storeys or more) have a lower number of owner occupiers than any other category of dwelling. With remotely-based property owners needing to be kept informed and a higher proportion of tenants moving in and out of the property, means that our clients benefit more from our online client portal to keep informed of developments on-site such as emergency works.

Larger numbers of residents means that issues of rubbish, security and parking can quickly become troublesome and need to be kept on top of. There may also be more specialist facilities to look after such as swimming pools, biomass boilers or solar panels.

Each of our management instructions have very different requirements. That's why we sit down with new clients and carefully go through their needs to create a bespoke, transparent management solution that's affordable and will enhance the fabric of their property now and in the future. Whether it's issues of legal compliancy, accounting or repairs, Block Management UK Ltd can deliver a first-class solution. To help manage your property, we offer a combination of industry-recognised software, our own bespoke, online client support plus a reliable, on-site presence when you need us the most.

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(17 February 2020 )