3 When it comes to professional management of your property, size matters.

When it comes to professional management of your property, size matters

Once in a while, an RMC director makes an enquiry about our services but then decides not to appoint us as property managers. Instead, they tell us they are going with 'someone smaller’.

What the RMC director may have wanted was to offset concerns about appointing one of the larger property management firms, namely that they are faceless, may not offer a dedicated property manager, are difficult to get through to someone in authority or have higher prices.

We completely understand. Starting out as a small management service, Block Management UK Ltd had to utilise a smaller staff and less resources and focussed on customer relationships - rather than features - to grow our business. And, at that size, we were unusual as a sole property management company in that we did not to have to balance a property management business with a lettings agency.

However, as we’ve grown, we’ve been able to improve our services to customers. Offerings such as advanced reporting software, more staff with more experience, in-house accounting, emergency cover procedures, industry-recognised management software, staff KPI targets to continuously improve services, a complaints procedure and accreditation with ARMA and IRPM.

The advantages of a mid-size management company such as Block Management UK is in combining the advantages of a small company with that of a large one.

And whilst we are a national company, our growth has been organic. We’re not so big that we have lost connection with our customers to the extent that the RMC director feared. We're in the position of being able to offer the best of both worlds.

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(25 November 2019 )