3 The best way to ask a new managing agent for a quote.

The best way to ask a new managing agent for a quote

We have some advice for RMC Directors or freeholders/landlords who are looking to change managing agents for their property.

How we do management fee quotes

At Block Management UK we receive hundreds of enquiries a year about our services.

Having taken down your information through a phone call, completed online quote form or from emails, we’ll take a business day or two to put together our tender. For environmental reasons, we email tenders in digital pdf format rather than printing, however, if printing is the only way for you to receive the information, we can do so.

Our tenders describe our services, the structure of our company and how we cover your local area with our services. Our pricing is clear, not buried in the middle of the tender. In fact, all prices are shown in a separate appendix at the back so you can skip straight to it. As a secondary confirmation, when you choose to go forward with our services, our ARMA-formatted contract will also clearly show fees.

The proposal ought to be enough information to allow yourself and your fellow Directors to sit down and make sure all that you want is  covered by the regular services on offer. The price quoted is usually valid for three months.

Before you contact us for a quote, here is some advice on how to receive the most appropriate quote from us:

Be open

Please let us know the postcode and address of your building along with your management company name and Company number. This along with the number of units being managed, this is the basic information we need to create a quote.
The more information we have the more relevant our quote will be to your property.

Ask for confidentiality

Partly the reason for enquirers being reluctant to give out details is that they are worried their current managing agent may fnid out they are shopping around. If this is a concern, please let us know. We completely understand and come across this situation quite often. We are discreet and, for example, would not perform an assessment visit of a building without your invitation.  

Let us know your schedule

Here at Block Management we have a clear follow-up process once we’ve sent out a quote. We don’t like to hassle people so if you know that your next Director’s meeting isn’t for three months, let us know and we’ll make a note of it. The decision to change managing agents can take a week or it can take a year, but we’re not going to forget about you!

Be up front with problems

It is not the case that if your property comes with pre-existing problems (Section 20 works needed, for example) then we won’t take you on. Managing agents are there to sort out problems that fall within our remit. It’s worth having a conversation with one our property experts to find out how we would deal with the problem.

Do let us know your decision

If you decide not to choose our services right now, that’s fine. We’d appreciate it if you let us know so can make a note of it.

If you’d like to receive a tender for the management of your property, please complete our online form for our tender for management fees.

(22 November 2019 )