3 Managing complicated ground rent implications.

Managing complicated ground rent implications

Ground rent investment portfolios, whilst providing a low-risk long term investment, can be time-consuming to manage and complex to administer.

Block Management UK Ltd has over 16 years’ of experience in managing ground rent collection as well as a raft of other services to support owners of ground rent portfolios.  We have a great deal of experience collecting ground rents on all kinds of properties - from two-unit period conversions to multi-block modern residential estates - and across the country.

One of those estates is Hale Village in Tottenham Hale, London. Built on the site of a former furniture factory,  this mixed-use site includes a community centre, shops and a nursery. The site has been recognized by the Green Flag Award Scheme and the community life there includes art workshops, a community choir and an annual Balconies in Bloom competition.

We were asked by the freeholders, Hale Village London Ltd, to take on a number of duties including:

  • Invoicing and collection of ground rent
  • Placing insurance and collecting insurance monies
  • Dealing with property transfers and lease extensions
  • Dealing with alteration and consent requests
  • Instructing legal proceedings for debt recovery and breach of Lease.

A high level of accuracy is involved as the site comprises six blocks (Crane Heights, Merlin Heights, Egret Heights, Kingfisher Heights, Lapwing Heights and Eagle Heights) of between 64 to 71 units and totalling 417 units.

Ground Rent Portfolio Management Services

Our knowledge of a wide range of properties helps us keep on top of your portfolio, as varied as it may be. Our advanced software will give you new insight into your portfolio and allow you to take a step back from the day-to-day admin and think more strategically about your investments.

Our professional approach to managing tenant relationships cuts through obstacles and complex issues to sort out problems fast. And our dedicated in-house credit control team uses a tri-stage credit control process. In addition, we can both centralize insurance procurement across multiple properties as well as gain you favourable building insurance rates due to our experience and relationship with providers.

  • Experienced staff manage thousands of ground rent accounts
  • Timely issuance of demands
  • Automatically updated records kept accurate using dedicated ground rent collection software
  • Full tracking of emails and documents between tenants and the property manager
  • Expert Lease audits
  • Rigorous credit control
  • Full financial reporting across your portfolio
  • View all of your properties online with a single login
  • Competitive building insurance rates for your entire portfolio
  • Lease extensions
  • Lease compliance
  • Sub let licences

(22 June 2020 )