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  • After five years in post, Dr Nigel Glen is stepping down as CE
  • The intention is for Dr Glen to lead the ARMA Board as Executive Chairman
  • He will remain in his post as CEO until 30thJune 2021

The Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) has announced that its Chief Executive Officer, Dr Nigel Glen, will be stepping down from his post after five years and will be seeking election to ARMA’s Board as Executive Chairman. 

Nigel joined ARMA as Chief Executive in 2016, and has led a far-reaching transformation of the organisation, creating a strategic plan to increase ARMA membership and bolster ARMA’s political influence as the leading trade association for residential managing agents in England and Wales. During this time, ARMA membership has increased by 40%, and now in its 30th year, ARMA is larger than it has ever been, with over 500 firms under membership, cementing its position as the voice of the leasehold management sector. 

Dr Nigel Glen commented:

“It has been my honour to lead ARMA through what have been an extraordinary five years. We have had to face up to the harsh realities of the Grenfell tragedy, the long and drawn-out campaign for leaseholder funding, and to help guide our members through the Covid pandemic. 

“I am proud of what the team at ARMA has achieved over the years – ARMA is now financially secure, fit-for purpose, bigger than ever and has the highest public, media and Government profile that it has ever enjoyed. Although I am leaving ARMA in my current capacity, I am delighted that the Board has seen fit to propose that I join as executive chair, advising on strategy and political policy.”

Chairman of ARMA, Michael Jacobs, added: “The CEO role at ARMA has exponentially broadened over the last few years, and in agreement with the Board of Directors of ARMA, the timing was right to begin the search for a full-time CEO position, whilst retaining Nigel in a strategic and political capacity and retaining continuity of our high-profile work with government and the wider industry. 

“During his tenure, Nigel has led the industry through the most tumultuous and challenging years that property management has seen, from the Grenfell tragedy and resulting building safety crisis; the upcoming leasehold reform and regulation of our sector; through to the Covid pandemic and its impact on our industry. During that time, Nigel has driven the turnaround of ARMA in financial and membership terms, strengthened our contribution to Government policy and our political and media profile and influence have never been higher or more positive. 

“Along with the rest of the ARMA Board, I would like to thank Nigel for all he has done on behalf of ARMA in the past five years and am delighted that he will remain with us for the foreseeable future – we look forward to continuing to drive ARMA’s success and growth.”

Baroness Hayter, Deputy Leader of Labour Lords and Shadow Minister, Cabinet Office, said: "Nigel has played a key role in promoting and positioning leasehold management as a professional sector and worked with others in the wider residential industry to adopt a cross-sector Code to raise standards, in the interests of consumers."

Nigel Glen will remain in post as ARMA CEO until the end of June 2021, when it is proposed he will take up position as Executive Chair on ARMA’s Board. ARMA’s current Chairman, Michael Jacobs will become Honorary Chairman. The Board has started the process to identify the next ARMA CEO, and a successor will be announced in due course. Nigel will remain as interim CEO until the new candidate takes up the position.

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Title: ARMA ENERGY Continues to Power More Homes Across the Country


The ARMA ENERGY portfolio continues to grow as more of our members make the switch. 

The network is now at 253gWh pa in consumption, equivalent to the electricity consumption of Southampton.

Launched in 2017 in conjunction with Full Power Utilities (FPU) ARMA ENERGY combines energy buying power and reduces workload while retaining independence and de-risking for members.


Reduced workload and de-risk

With ARMA ENERGY, if a meter for which FPU is responsible falls onto default rates, then FPU indemnifies the client for the difference between the new contract rate and the default rate. This gives you real confidence with your clients.

FPU is bringing its experience as a 20-year established, respected broker with direct access to every UK supplier to aid ARMA members by organising a group deal or a ‘basket’ pricing facility for ARMA members. Unlike other similar deals, ARMA Energy will give you the best possible unit price, no matter what your usage is. 

FPU is fully familiar with Section 20, VAT, query handling, etc, and is developing a facility with a supplier that allows numerous ARMA members a) to be treated collectively for pricing purposes, so producing better prices and yet b) still be treated by this supplier as individual company portfolios.

Of course, the end client still needs to know that the ARMA ENERGY price is as good as possible. To justify the price to the client, when pricing the member’s portfolio into the ‘basket’, FPU will simultaneously price the individual member’s own portfolio across the market to ensure that the price can't be beaten at that time. This offers the best of both worlds, and accountability for the client.

For more information about ARMA ENERGY, including how you can join, click here.

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Title: ARMA Regional Briefings 2021


ARMA’s Regional Briefings will be coming to you remotely, from April 20th to April 22nd, running from 10:00am - 12:30pm each day.

The sessions allow members to tap into key updates from ARMA and the residential leasehold sector, with important topics tackled by a range of industry and government speakers. Split into bite-sized sessions, delegates can look forward to engaging panel discussions, presentations and the opportunity to put questions to the industry experts on subjects ranging from buidling safety to legal updates impacting the world of leasehold.

Our three-day programme will cover:

  • Day 1: ARMA at 30 and RoPA updates.
  • Day 2: Building Safety updates with a focus on the role of the Building Safety Manager.
  • Day 3: Legal updates with sessions covering ‘Law from Lockdown’ and a panel discussion on redress lessons for managing agents.

Confirmed speakers for 2021 include:

  • Nigel Glen, ARMA
  • Andrew Bulmer, IRPM
  • Baroness Dianne Hayter
  • Giles Grover, Manchester Cladiators
  • Nigel Sellars, RICS
  • Shaun Lundy, Tetra Consulting
  • Cassandra Zanelli, PMLS
  • Justin Bates, Landmark Chambers

Open to ARMA Members, Associates, Partners, Network members and RMC/RTM Co. Directors. To view the full programme, and book your place, click here.

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