Case Study: Rejuvenating the hub of a community

Name: Barking Central

Location: London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Properties: Lemonade Building, Bath House, 87 Axe Street


In October 2018, Block Management UK Ltd took on the management of three impressive residential buildings that are part of the Barking Central location in Barking, London. Barking is an important Thames Gateway town with a diverse and bustling community. The three buildings - the Lemonade Building, the Bath House and 87 Axe Street - mark an important stage in the continuing regeneration of the Borough of Barking and Dagenham. Another block within this development, the Ropeworks, was already being managed by Block Management UK.  The site also includes Barking Police Station (underneath the Ropeworks) and Barking Learning Centre.

The Lemonade Building consists of 17 floors of eight flats totalling 136 units. Two lifts service the block which contains the branch of a high street bank within a single commercial unit. The Bath House has eight floors with 12 units per floor and a further three commercial units. Finally, 87 Axe street consists of around 40 units.

The complex was designed by the architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) with an eye on regeneration of the area and sustainability.

Improving Resident Safety

BMUK took on management duties on behalf of the residents' management company Barking Central Management Number 2 Ltd. Within a week of handover, property manager Troy Richards, was hard at work on several long-standing issues

There were multiple outstanding works to be completed including cleaning, lift repairs, general maintenance, lighting protection systems, fire alarm systems and an extremely large and complex water pump system.

To improve communication with residents, a television was installed in the lobby showing active jobs on a live feed. The concierge desk had internet connected for the first time in eight years, improving connectivity between the on-site management presence and our service centre.

Beyond these more involved works, were smaller, simpler jobs such as fixing access code issues, television aerial problems and intercom issues.  Individually, these jobs were not difficult to complete. But when considered all together - and along with our 24/7 out-of-hours emergency support service -  they vastly improved the feeling of security and management for our residents.

The work continues, and a brand new High Definition CCTV system is to be installed imminently.

Re-starting Sustainability

The original intention of the development, as envisioned by AHMM, was to incorporate a sustainability strategy providing 10% renewables using biomass heating, solar thermal hot water heaters, wind turbines and natural ventilation and night time cooling in the Barking Learning Centre.

However, time has not been kind to these endeavours. BMUK has fixed the wood pellet boiler located in the Bath House. However, a wind turbine, installed on the roof of 87 Axe Street has not functioned for several years. We are keen to see it working once more and are investigating the viability of getting it going again.

BMUK are very happy with our expansion of operations in Barking and want to help sustain the regeneration of this vibrant area of east London.

To see Block Management UK Ltd at work watch the recent business case study video that our communications partner Vodafone made about us.

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